Weak Vietnamese Dong to attract more oversea travelers in Vietnam

The Vietnamese Dong has recently performed very weak against foreign currencies. According to online travel experts ActiveTravel Asia Weak Vietnamese Dong to attract more oversea travelers in Vietnam Articles this will be a great advantage to attract foreign travelers who are looking to travel abroad, especially like Australian. The Dong has achieved the lowest exchange rate with Australian and the US dollar and is also sitting in a position of weak against numerous other currencies. Information from Vietnam State Bank shows weak exchanges between currencies in China, Japanese, Euro, Australian and Britain and many other countries. Analysts at the Vietnam Commercial Banks expect the Dong to remain weak for a significant period of time. Bobby Nguyen, MD of ActiveTravel Asia says: “Given the state of the global economy many people are understandably worried about money. That is why the weak of the Dong is encouraging as people will be able to travel Vietnam without spending too much. It is especially good to see low exchange rates with popular destinations like United State of America, Australia and Great Britain. Travelers have always had a strong attachment to travel and the strength of the dollar means they can continue to do so despite tough economic times.” Information from Vietnam Administration of Tourism shows that foreign travelers like Australia, United State of America, United Kingdom and other European countries are travelling into Vietnam more in recent months. The numbers in October show short-term arrival around 18%, especially during Hanoi’s 1000 anniversary festival over a similar period last year. This follows a steady increase of arrival throughout September and October. In response to these figures Bobby concludes: “These statistics show that foreign travelers are once again travelling in significant numbers to Vietnam and Indochina. The strong dollar has definitely affected this and helped boost numbers. We are looking forward to helping our clients to book great trips in Vietnam and Indochina in the coming months which will take advantage of the current situation and allow them to get the most out of every single Dong that they spend in Vietnam.” About ActiveTravel.Asia:ActiveTravel Asia is a Vietnam-based, global online tours and adventure travel specialist in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The best tour options on their network. ActiveTravel Asia has flexible policies which allow travelers to book travel package in multiple currencies from anywhere, to anywhere else in the world. All inclusive pricing is displayed on websites – It is easy for the booking process and online payment. Based in Hanoi capital of Vietnam, ActiveTravel Asia is led by a young, dynamic team with rich experience and knowledge in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Supported by a highly skilled team of online travel consultants they offer travelers with great knowledge and experience at a competitive price. 하노이 에코걸

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