Online Cloud Storage Review: GotBackup Vs. Carbonite

GotBackup is another web-based cloud reinforcement adventure from the Texas based GVO Inc, which stores your data and documents on the cloud. GotBackup has different sides to it – the client side, where it backs up records on the web and a subsidiary side, where it is feasible to rake in boatloads of cash by promoting Got Backup to others.

Carbonite is a Boston based web-based cloud reinforcement organization that has been around for a long time now. Carbonite expects to give reasonable, dependable and secure internet based cloud reinforcement and has a subsidiary program also.

This audit looks at the two web-based cloud reinforcement organizations, GotBackup and Carbonite.

The Features

GotBackup is an internet based cloud reinforcement arrangement that is very like Dropbox, as it must be downloaded only a single time, is not difficult to design and fires backing up your records online right away.

GotBackup offers limitless extra room, backs up the information on your PC, Mac, cell phones and tablets, and makes it simple to recognize the documents by labeling them.

GotBackup has an extremely solid framework and utilizations a similar encryption innovation utilized by banks – the 256 bit AES encryption. Nobody separated from you approaches your information put away with GotBackup, not even GotBackup representatives.

With GotBackup online distributed storage, your information is protected and effectively open. Carbonite takes into account a simple internet based cloud reinforcement and capacity.

Very much like GotBackup, Carbonite offers limitless extra room. secure cloud storage reviews It offers a few reinforcement choices, which permit you to plan your reinforcements. Carbonite offers persistent reinforcement, and that implies you can save a record progressively even as you alter or make changes to a document.

Carbonite likewise chronicles more seasoned documents so they are not difficult to reestablish later, in the event that you want them. You can store documents of limitless size with Carbonite and have remote admittance to your information from any PC or gadget associated with the web.

The Price

GotBackup has a preliminary arrangement that main expenses $1 for the primary week, and from there on, assuming you are happy with GotBackup’s web-based distributed storage, you can go for the full membership plan.

The plans include:

Individual Backup, which is accessible at $8.99 each month, which becomes $7.99 each month when you pay yearly. The impediment is that this plan offers limitless web-based cloud reinforcement for only 1 PC or gadget.

Then there is the Family Plan, accessible at $14.99 each month, which becomes $12.99 each month some other time when you pay yearly. This plan backs up 5 PCs or gadgets, for 5 separate records.

The Backup and Share Plan costs $13.99 each month. It costs $11.99 each month when you pay every year and offers limitless internet based cloud reinforcement for 1 PC or gadget. With this arrangement, you can synchronize your documents between various PCs. There are no arrangement expenses with any of these plans.

Carbonite offers a Basic arrangement for $59.99 each year, which offers limitless web-based cloud reinforcement space for one PC or Mac.

There is the Plus update plan, accessible for $99.99, which backs up outer drives and makes an identical representation of a whole circle, offering a full framework reinforcement.

The Prime arrangement, accessible for $149, is generally complete, offering a programmed video reinforcement and a dispatch recuperation administration, utilizing which the information saved by you is shipped off your location on a circle.

The greatest issue with every one of the plans offers presented via Carbonite is that they are confined to a solitary PC or gadget – which is a significant disadvantage.

Got Backup, as referenced prior, offers designs that permit you to impart information to different gadgets.

The Affiliate Program

Probably the best component of Got Backup online cloud reinforcement is the member program. Got Backup offers 100 percent commissions, which is astonishing. This implies for the primary month, you get 100 percent direct commissions for every one individuals you can persuade to utilize Got Backup’s administrations.

From the second month onwards, you will acquire half commissions for your immediate reference.

Additionally, you will get half of each $1 your immediate references make every month, which makes a superb down line for you, one with apparently limitless profundity. There is no limitation on how wide your reference chain can be. A capable internet based advertiser might possibly make anything from $3000 to $8000 each month in commissions from Got Backup.

Carbonite online cloud reinforcement has a respectable subsidiary program, however offers a generally lower commission of 30% on each immediate reference. Obviously, with regards to the associate program, it is feasible to get much more cash-flow with Get Backup, than with Carbonite.


Got Backup offers a simple to utilize online cloud reinforcement, which is both secure and effectively open. The plans are very reasonable too and open across numerous PCs or gadgets. Carbonite offers an extraordinary web-based cloud reinforcement too, with reasonable plans, yet they are limited to a solitary PC or gadget. Additionally, Got Backup has a more worthwhile associate program which permits skilled web advertisers to acquire a brilliant pay on direct references.

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