Nigerian Human Rights Commission Praises CLEEN Starting point For Handling Human Rights Misuses

The Public Human Rights Commission has granted CLEEN Establishment, the 2019 Human Rights Grant for enormous commitments in reinforcing policing for the assurance of human rights in Nigeria.

Getting the honor Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Sheraton Inn and Pinnacles, Abuja, chief head of the Establishment, Dr Benson Olugbuo, committed the honor to all casualties and overcomers of human rights maltreatments in Nigeria from 1960 to 2019.

CLEEN is a non-legislative association laid out January 1998 with the mission to advance public wellbeing, security and open equity through experimental exploration, official support, showing projects and distributions, in organization with government, common society and the confidential area.

It arose in light of military fascism described by friendly infringement and exemption by security Human Rights government authorities and the requirement for further developed assistance conveyance to residents of Nigeria, Africa and the whole world.

In 21 years, the establishment has contributed in working on the comprehension and wiping out, oppressive perspectives and practices and improved admittance to equity and capably upheld the foundation of the Orientation Work area and Grievances Reaction Unit (CRU) of the Nigeria Police Power, in organization with the Public Human Rights Commission and Organization on Police Changes in Nigeria (NOPRIN) Establishment to sort out Open

CLEEN has contributed in advancing, safeguarding, protecting, checking and detailing social indecencies and encouraged common military relations in Nigeria, as it is working together with the Nigerian Armed force on its goals.

As a feature of its endeavors in further developing security area responsibility and human rights consistence in countering vicious fanaticism in Nigeria, it has been working with different state and non-state entertainers to improve interagency coordination, joint effort and participation between the state and non-state entertainers in the North-East.

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