MK Bag for Sale at Walmart

We knew Walmart sold TVs en masse, but MK bags? It’s the relaxed sister to the uptown main line, and the diffusion brand is garnering a cult following for its supple leather purses. The ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote is instantly recognizable for its gold-tone MK logo medallion, and now it’s on sale as part of the retailer’s Deals for Days Black Friday event. Carry it by the top handle or slip a shoulder strap over your shoulders for hands-free style. See more handbags on sale here.

Image via Walmart.

Article originally published November 23, 2017. Updated December 10, 2018 by Sarah Oshry.

Whether you’re running errands or getting ready for a night on the town, carrying the right accessories makes all the difference. A classic designer shoulder bag keeps all your essentials gathered together in one place, while adding style to your outfit. Whether you’re shopping for a tote or clutch, Belk’s MICHAEL Michael Kors collection of designer bags has something to suit your look and budget.

While clothing trends come and go, a classic leather bag will never go out of style. A high-quality MK shoulder bag is a staple item for any closet, and the right one will serve you for years to come. Whether you’re grabbing a wallet, keys and lipstick for an on-the-go day or packing for your next big vacation, a premium MK purse will keep your most important items organized and secure.

When shopping for an authentic MK bag, be sure to pay attention to details like the MK logo print and metal hardware. Fake MK bags often use a different color for the leather or have a distorted logo print. The metal should also be solid and hefty. In addition, the buckles should be firmly attached to the strap and not dangling loosely from it.

The stitching on an authentic MK bag is also key to determining its authenticity. Knock-offs tend to have shoddy workmanship, with uneven stitches and thread colors that don’t match the rest of the bag. On the other hand, original bags will have nicely aligned and evenly spaced stitching.

Another simple way to tell if a bag is real is to examine its zipper pulls. The zipper pull on a genuine MK bag should be securely attached to the purse with a well-stitched loop. The tab on a fake MK bag, on the other hand, usually tucks into the zipper seam rather than being positioned above it.

Aside from the hardware, a true MK bag will have a distinct “MK” logo on the inside lining. The logo is made up of a circle with a half-circle placed over it, and it’s etched into the fabric. Fake MK logos will be engraved rather than etched, and they’ll likely have a rougher texture than the real deal.

In addition to checking for the signature logo, you can also confirm the bag’s authenticity by looking at its serial number. A genuine MK bag will have a serial number that’s printed on the lining and begins with either “MK” or “84.” The last digits of the number are the date it was produced. Fake MK purses will have a different serial number and may even be made by another company altogether. By looking at these small details, you can be sure that your MK shoulder bag is real and will stay in excellent condition for a long time to come. MK bag for sale

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