Egyptian Desert Travel Guide

In western Egypt you will observe lofty desert scenes complete with green desert gardens and warm-water springs. This tremendous area extends from the Nile to the Libyan line.

You can investigate the memorable destinations here by walking, via vehicle or on camel-back, the fundamental band courses are awesome to take. Whichever type of transport you picked, you ought to never botch a chance to watch a dawn or dusk or to set up camp for the time being.


The city of Fayoum is found southwest of Cairo and involves part of the antiquated site of Crocodilopolis. It’s anything but a genuine desert garden as it relies upon Nile water rather than underground springs or wells. Fayoum is noted for its moderate environment, plentiful water wheels, great view, bird watching open doors and lavish rural land, on which organic product, cotton,tomatoes

what’s more, therapeutic plants are developed. The souk here sells gold, copperware and flavors and holds an exceptional earthenware market one time per week. Fayoum is saturated with Pharaonic, Graeco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic history.


This is the littlest desert spring, comprised of sand, volcanic dark stone and warm springs, complete with orange trees. Guavas, mangos, dates and olives are likewise developed here.


Siwa is the most northerly desert spring, here you will observe the old town of Shali, the popular Cleopatra Bath and the sanctuary where Alexander the Great counseled the prophet of Ammon to look for affirmation of his heavenly status as the child of Zeus.


The towns here have interesting tight roads and are encircled by palm forests and great nurseries.


This is Egypt’s biggest western desert spring, extending for more than 44 miles. Here you will track down the middle age town of El Qasr.


The Kharga desert garden has tight interlocking roads, period houses and a clamoring souk. Arranged close by is the neocropolis of Al-Bagawat which contains 200 burial places dating from the second century Fayoum Egypt This desert garden is additionally home to the Graeco-Roman towns of Douch and Ain Umm Dbadib, the last option being well known for its trapezoidal pinnacles.

These desert places are home to the roaming Bedouin individuals and ought not be missed on your Egyptian occasions.

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