Disabled Health Care

Here’s a question: If a disabled health care system for people with disabilities is also disabled by government intervention, does that mean the health care system in question is completely disabled? Or just some parts? If he is satisfied, he too may qualify for benefits…

We must admit that the situation is permanent and permanent, as the doctors who pay the employee must do before it can be given.

But, of course, this “disability system” is a reference to the Social Security disability system, and the joke about its own system for benefits may be the only way to break the chaos of denying benefits, paper documents. blunders, political conflicts and foot dragging that slows down the pace of the race. It seems that intelligence is meaningless. And in our national health care debate we’re missing some pretty big health problems. Just ask any disabled person who has waited three years for benefits. Or a veteran returning more than a million back to the VA system. Employee benefits? Perhaps the worst, since there is an alliance of professionals who embezzle money from health services. The real question would be….. who will organize the new system? Whose interests are they serving by creating a huge dead end that spreads investors’ money? Wait, that’s who controls it now…….how about an independent panel of a few non-specialist doctors, good business professionals and creating a good regulatory framework, throwing in a few disabled people and some injured workers? People with disabilities and injuries are there to bring some reality – you know, something that makes things real. While we’re working hard on it, we might as well try our luck at VA. New administrators and managers. That’s the ticket – open all hospitals and clinics to veterans for any treatment, and allow the hospitals or clinics to pay for the VA. Why won’t that work? And for God’s sake, clean up those corrupt hospitals!

Add a group of veterans (who use the VA health system) to smart businessmen and compassionate doctors – and voila. A system that works and finds that quality and success go hand in hand. The “health care debate” itself, as the media has consistently reported, revolves around the Social Security NDIS disability Services System, the Worker’s Comp Medical System, or VA. .

There are enough reforms in these institutions to start a new debate, which will doubtless be met with the same kind of complaints and unnecessary insults. This is called partial progress in the United States.

So all are broken. The lies of millions of people, all waiting for medical or financial help. Sometimes they wait for years, but sometimes they die waiting. Aren’t these procedures part of our health care? Collectively, billions of dollars are wasted, embezzled or stolen from these coffers every year, and not a peep from our Congress. Concern for the uninsured is appreciated, but what about calling out those who are harmed and forced to suffer more than the system fails them? In fact, this is a health care issue that deserves as much attention as any other issue discussed in the country. And yet, the silence is deafening.

If we don’t speak up, we won’t be heard. The editor of The Disability Digest, a free resource for people with disabilities, features a popular email program that cuts the current wait time to qualify for Social Security disability benefits in half. Run by the disabled, the newsletter has many important links to issues facing disabled and injured workers, including housing, discrimination laws and how to maximize your benefits.

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