Best Leak Telegram Groups

Telegram is one of the youngest messaging apps today, but it already has millions of users worldwide. Its powerful features make it ideal for chatting and sharing private videos. But it’s also becoming a popular platform for hackers to share their latest data breaches and hacks with the public.

While there are countless groups on the app that offer genuine privacy and security tips, bad actors use it to spread their malicious activities as well. This is why experts at SafetyDetectives regularly scroll through Telegram channels, groups and dark web to find out about suspicious activity.

Below, we’ve listed the top 10 leak Telegram channels and groups to watch out for.

The vx-underground channel has 1.500+ subscribers, and its website offers more groupe telegram leak The hacker group is motivated by selling databases of prominent corporations, especially in Europe and the USA, via its VIP sub-groups.

Another Russian originated hacker group, Ares, has 3.900+ subscribers. Among other things, it specializes in stealing e-mails and documents from organizations, then marketing them on the dark web. The hacker is known for its attacks against technology corporations and government agencies.

In March 2022, the hacker group Kelvin Security hacked Russia’s nuclear reactor and shared the information with everyone through their Twitter accounts and Telegram channel. The group primarily targets the military of its target countries, but it also hacks banks, management companies, aviation, casinos and gaming, education, energy, health and communications. It explains the hacks and leaks in a way that everyone can understand, making it easy to follow.

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