Vegan Bread Recipes

Vegan Bread Recipes

Vegan Bread: Veganism refers to a way of existence that attempts to reduce animal bleeding and cruelty. For this reason, vegans aim to rule out all foods accommodating meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, and honey from their diet.

That said, it can be confronting to tell whether a food contains additives derived from animal products. This causes many new vegans to question whether the foods they eat are in fact vegan — incorporating bread.

 Vegan Bread Recipes

Vegan Banana Bread

While yeasts (and explode) are technically not a plant (or an beast) since they belong to the Fungi Kingdom, they generally get swept up into the “plant food” category and are eaten by vegans and people pursuing a plant-based diet.

Can Vegans Eat Bread?

Usually. Traditionally bread is made from yeast, flour, water, and salt, so it would be suitable for vegans.

Unfortunately some commercially auctioned breads (e.g. sold at super markets) contain dairy such as whey (a milk protein) or eggs as fillers or stabilizers and those breads would not be scrutinized vegan (or plant-based).

Fresh breads from a bakery, bagel shop, or Farmer’s market customarily do not contain egg or dairy (just ask the bakery workers or sellers to be sure if the production is being sold without a label).

What Kind of Bread Do Vegans Eat?

Generally, any bread that does not collect eggs or dairy (most bagels, sandwich breads, doughs, rolls, buns, pitas, lavish, flatbreads, and saltines fit this definition) with two caveats.

Caveat #1: commercially sold whole-wheat and whole grain breads frequently contain honey, which some vegans abstain from. Why vegans do not eat honey.

Caveat #2: A small minority of vegans also abstain from sugar (since it may be transformed with bone char) and these vegans may equally abstain from a bread that has sugar added. I find most vegans tend to discount this issue, I sure do.

Is Bread Plant-Based?

Yes (ish). If your definition of “plant-based” is similar to mine (“contains no animal commodity or products of animal origin and is minimally converted or a whole food”) then several breads (and bread cousins like buns or bagels) will fit that definition.

You can usually find at least one brand of whole wheat or whole grain bread at your local super market that has fewer than 10 ingredients. See below for a list of vegan and plant-based bread brands.

To demonstrate: this bread is vegan, but I would not believe it “plant-based”:

Is Bread Vegan

Is Bread Vegan

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably already come across this recipe which I’ve updated for you with new photos and text. But the recipe is almost exactly the same I posted all the way back in 2009, with one small modification: this time I used coconut sugar. I love its rich, deep flavor and I thought it would be great in this zucchini bread, which it was.

If you have kids, this is a great recipe to keep them happy and fed over the summer break. I use these months to wean Jay off all the junk he inevitably consumes during the school year, whether it’s from well-meaning teachers handing out bags of chips or candies as gifts, friends who share their snacks, or whatever other way he has of acquiring them, and he has plenty. When I make him delicious and healthy snacks at home, like this vegan zucchini bread or the vegan mango kulfi popsicles I shared with you recently, he doesn’t miss the crappy snacks at all.

Squash is also very much in season in the summer and it’s usually easy to find locally grown varieties or grow it yourself — all great reasons to consume it. Besides, it is an easy veggie to love, with its dark green skin and tender white flesh and pleasantly bland taste that can adapt to almost any dish, sweet or savory. Like other summer squash, zucchini is rich in vitamin C and beta carotene and, of course, fiber, which makes it super-healthy eats too.

Everything about this vegan Zucchini Bread is healthy and good for you. It’s whole wheat, it’s full of veggies and heart-friendly walnuts, and it has very little added fat. The coconut sugar, a lower glycemic sweetener than sugar, takes any residual guilt right away.

Vegan Zucchini Bread

One way to make vegan bread buying simple is to purchase breads that are certified vegan. This seal of approval indicates the bread contains zero animal products. Many of these breads also tend to be very nutritious. Some of these great bread brands include:

  1. Bloomfield Farms Vegan Sandwich Bread – Bloomfield Farms is a fully gluten-free company that also makes vegan bread. This bread is dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and is made from real ingredients. The company boasts their bread is “fluffy and flavorful,” without any aftertaste than some gluten-free breads give off. Bloomfield Farms Vegan Sandwich Bread can be bought online for around $6.00 per loaf.
  2. Food for Life 7-Sprouted Grains Bread – This hearty bread isn’t just ideal for vegans, but everyone searching for nutrient-dense bread. The 7-Sprouted Grains Bread is vegan and contains a mixture of brown rice, barley, oats, corn, rye, millet, and whole wheat. One slice provides 80 calories, four grams of protein, three grams of fiber, and only one gram of sugar, making it an excellent bread selection for the whole family. Food for Life 7-Sprouted Grains Bread can be bought at many local retailers for around $4.00-6.00. Use their store locator tool to find bread near you.
  3. Dave’s Killer Bread – This bread company is not officially “certified vegan.” However, all but one of their breads are vegan and are labeled “contains no animal products” except the Honey Oats and Flax bread. Dave’s Killer Bread is a fantastic bread line offering hearty, healthy breads. These breads only contain natural ingredients, are non-GMO, and USDA organic. Most are high in fiber and protein. Dave’s Killer Bread can be purchased online or at a retailer near you using their store locator tool.

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

  • This is an extremely easy recipe to make and you don’t really need any special equipment like a hand mixer or stand mixer. You do need two loaf pans, but if you don’t have them, you can also bake these in cake tins. Or bake them up into muffins. If you are making zucchini muffins with this recipe, cut down baking time to between 25 and 30 minutes and check with a toothpick to make sure they’re done.
  • Chocolate chips are a fun addition, especially if you have a young ‘un who likes chocolate. You can substitute the walnuts with 1 cup chocolate chips.
  • You can make this recipe in one bowl by mixing up your wet ingredients first, then throwing in your dry ingredients one by one and then the zucchini and nuts.
  • Use the large holes in your grater to grate the zucchini. When you mix up the batter it will seem a bit thick, but don’t worry. The zucchini is full of water that will express itself during baking and your loaves will be moist and tender and not dry at all.
  • Make sure to grease and flour your loaf pans for easy unmolding.
  • Cool your loaves thoroughly on a rack before slicing and eating.

If you have always loved a classic zucchini bread and missed making one, try this recipe. It will definitely make you a fan. And then come back and tell me about it, or take a photo and tag me @holycowvegan on Instagram.

What kind of bread is vegan?

Some types of bread and whether they’re vegan or not
  • Sourdough. Sourdough bread is usually vegan. …
  • Pita bread. Pita bread is another type of bread that is usually vegan. …
  • Ezekiel bread. Ezekiel bread, the brand, is produced by the company Foods for Life. …
  • Ciabatta. …
  • Naan. …
  • Rye. …
  • Focaccia. …
  • Garlic Bread.

What is vegan bread made of?

Vegan Bread

Bread is a grain-based food and many other ingredients found in bread are also plant-based. Common ingredients found in any kind of breadvegan or not, include: Whole wheat, enriched, or refined flour. Other grains added such as oats, barley, rice, etc.

What is the best bread for vegans?

Vegan Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Bread Brands
  • Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Vegan Bread.
  • Dave’s Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds.
  • Silver Hills Bakery Macks Flax Sprouted Bread.
  • One Degree Organic Foods Veganic Lentil Grain Bread.